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Hi there, are you running a gym of your own or thinking of opening one in your area then you have landed on most helpful page on the Internet. More than 150+ gym owners in 5 cities have shook hands with us and sky rocketed their Gym business.

Go through this page and you will have a clear understanding on how we can help you in growing big as a gym service provider.


We at Aurozen are dedicated to empower gyms, Fitness centers and Gym providers with strong digital presence.We take your gym to our Platform i.e. our Aurozen Mobile App and www.Aurozen.com and a huge user-base of targeted audience who are interested in health and fitness can see you.

Our "Pay per session" plan attract more users to your gyms and easy access to your gym helps in maintaining new Faces every day.

Increased foot numbers will help you to connect with more people in lesser time than traditional marketing.


With increased work and present consumer culture it has become very hard for a middle class man to take care of his health. This scenario has been the core reason why people don’t choose to go to gyms and work on their health which leads to downfall or downsizing gym businesses.

We help by connecting with people who want to join gym or have started to take health seriously and present our partner gyms which lucrative payment options and offer.

Our Robust Gym Management tool and Marketing technique will solve out following issues for you.

1. Where can I target my Gym service?
2. How many people will come into my gym every day?
3. Will I be able to create a return on my investment, and how much time will it take?
4. Where and how to promote my gym to right people.List can go on as we told “Running a Gym is hard task”.


1. Greater Audience Potential

One advantage big and small gyms have with Aurozen is the ability to reach more customers. Vendors have access to millions of consumers online. It is also much easier to reach these customers without any investment, well I wanted to compare offline marketing methods but we guess you already know how effective they are now!!!

2. Online Availability

Gym information is more widely available through online marketing. You can post photos, description and price of their services on Aurozen. Subsequently the information becomes available once the services and workout plans are promoted online.

3. Better customer contact

Aurozen enables you to connect better with people who might be interested in your gym and your workout plans. It helps you in identifying how to engage with audience and with which kind of audience.

4. No investment

Aurozen doesn’t charge you anything to start partnership with us. All you have to do is to get in touch with us and Our Vendor Relationship Manager. From that point of time we will take care of your presence on our Platform.


Managing and doing your gym business with Aurozen is very very very easy!!!! We literally mean the “very very very easy” part. To compare the ease and comfort of working with us it is as simple as turning your AC on because that’s all you have to do after joining hands with us.

To start with you will get an enquiry form at the end of this page fill that with your exact details our Vendor relationship Executive will connect to you and the process starts from there.

We will buy yearly membership from you and will present it to people who are interested in joining gyms but are not looking for a yearly membership or in that city only for few days.

A large number of people who want to start gym and exercising never walk into gym as they doubt themselves we also take your gym to their smartphones so that they can start working-out with worrying about huge monetary loss.

So many people who were not choosing a healthy lifestyle due to issues like -

1. Huge membership price at once
2. Work-life Balance
3. Weak self-confidence
4. Simply because it doesn’t interest them

Moreover just than branding you and bringing you to people’s eye we have created management systems completely dedicated to gym owners. Using which you can check -

1. How many people are currently working out?
2. How many are in queue to do walk-in?
3. How much have you earned ?
4. What can be your targeted customers and what can you do engage them more?
5. What are your user thinking of your services?

Don’t trust our words see what our users and partner gyms have to say.


Any Good thing is determined by the love that its user gives to it, Listen to what our Rapidly Growing and Happy Userbase have to say about us.