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Founder's Desk

Hello everyone,

You might be curious about why something like Aurozen exists hence you are here. Myself Sumit Swarnkar, Founder and CEO of Aurozen one of the fastest-growing Fitness Eco-system in India.

Let me quote Joseph Pilates who knew modern world issues are the result of poor health much before most of us.

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness"

What is Aurozen?

If we go by the exact definition Aurozen is a gym and fitness provider which lets anyone access high-class fitness at mere charges up to 7 or 10 INR. But to describe ourselves more accurately

Aurozen is your solution to fitness and health issues which are the result of hectic daily schedules or huge pricings.

Our team at Aurozen is dedicated to bring easy access to most premium Fitness centers and gyms to the general public and wash away the myth that being fit an expensive task.

How did it start?

Around a year and a half back I and some of my friends thought of joining a gym so that we can maintain our physical health. Initially, it was hard for us to pick a gym due to unavailability as per our Time schedules but somehow we managed that. While 5 people were up for this plan but due to unpredicted working routines, 2 of them dropped the idea of joining a gym. So finally 3 of us went into a nearby Gym to enquire about prices and timeslots. After knowing the membership price one among us found suspicion in our dedication to work-out regularly and as a result of this paying a huge membership for something so uncertain was a waste of money to him.

In the end, only 2 of us joined the gym these series of events didn’t stop here after 3 weeks I had to go to Indore due to some professional errands and 20 days of my trip cost a large part of my membership amount.

On my way back from Indore I retrospect the whole scenario and started to research more reasons that keep people away from gyms and hence keep away from a healthy life.

Aurozen came into Existence!!

After this episode, our total focus was on providing the best Fitness services to the common person of this country, and the reasons this was hard to happen were the following.

  1. Lack of information about Fitness Centres/Gyms
  2. Working schedule of people
  3. Shortage of money
  4. Huge membership prices
  5. Less awareness of physical fitness

While Mind-storming on the issues Huge Membership prices which one needs to pay at the time of registration came out to be the biggest reason why most people do not subscribe to a gym. Moreover, when we discussed our concern with others we were getting one line from most of them that's “buying a membership is a waste bro!!!”

We took the hint and with Aurozen we have eradicated the necessity of buying a Membership to go to any gym or fitness center.

With the Aurozen Application, you can workout at any of our Partner Gyms/Fitness Centers without buying any membership. You can work out at more than one Gym and choose what suits you the most.

To create awareness about physical health among people we have also created an AuroFam Community within the Aurozen App where you can share your fitness journey to inspire others or look for people who transformed their lives and get inspired.

I hope you all are living healthy and happy.

Thanks and Regards

Sumit Swarnkar


Aurozen Technology LLP