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Aurozen lets you choose Best Fitness Centers in your city and workout there without buying Membership to your ease you only have to pay for the session in which you actually workout.

With our presence in more than 8 cities and continously increasing we can take care of your workouts and fitness where ever you go.We just want to make sure you are not loosing money instead of weight and gaining fat instead of fun.

Moreover Connect with your friends and share your fits journey with them so that you can inspire and others can aspire to be fit. Aurozen application have multiple gym and fitness center option to choose from.

You can browse and choose where you want workout and you will not have to pay a huge membershipn instead just pay for a single visit and enjoy your workout.



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Our Features

No memberships

Why buy a membership and bound yourself to workout at just one Fitness Center when you can work-out where ever you want.

Lowest cost possible

Working out is already a heavy task and when it becomes expensive it becomes heaviest.Find gyms and fitness centers around you starting at Rs.10.

Best offers

The more you sweat more you save. At Aurozen you get to work-out at gyms with great fitness trainers and pay less as you visit more.

Widest range of Fitness Centers & Gyms

Now you would not have to cancel your gym plans due to official tours.

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We have best Gyms, Fitness Centres, Fitness Coaches in prime cities of India

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