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Aurozen lets you choose Best Fitness Centers in your city and workout there without buying Membership to your ease you only have to pay for the session in which you actually workout.

With our presence in more than 8 cities and continously increasing we can take care of your workouts and fitness where ever you go.We just want to make sure you are not loosing money instead of weight and gaining fat instead of fun.Moreover Connect with your friends and share your fits journey with them so that you can inspire and others can aspire to be fit. Aurozen application have multiple gym and fitness center option to choose from.You can browse and choose where you want workout and you will not have to pay a huge membershipn instead just pay for a single visit and enjoy your workout.


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No memberships

Workout and Get Fit with our No Subscription / No Fitness Pass Platform. Customize and rearrange your Fitness goals without tying yourself to anyone Gym/Fitness Centers.

AuroFam Community

Join the fastest Growing Fitness Community of India & get in touch with the best Fitness Inspirations. The Aurofam Community consists of people who aspire to be fit & also the people who inspire others to get Fit.

Pay Per Session

Unlike other Providers, we do not take a huge Per Visit Charge No do we give you a Pass with limited sessions. Workout as much as you want and pay only for the sessions you are in the Gym/Fitness.

Best Offers and Cashbacks

Earn more and spend less with every booking. We have ever running offers and Fitness Streaks every month so that you save more while getting Fit.

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We have best Gyms, Fitness Centres, Fitness Coaches in prime cities of India

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