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Still can not figure out where to go for fitness, which gym to choose, and how much you need to be spending, then you reached the right place because we have something for you to make the fitness journey easier for you.

Aurozen has figured out everything for you now you can choose between various gyms and fitness centers and do not need to buy any expensive Yearly or Quarterly membership to do that.

So what you have to do actually is pack your gym bag tie up your shoes and download Aurozen App and book a session in your nearest Gym and Fitness centers moreover PAY AS YOU GO options lets you pay for session you actually do also it helps you in saving your money from days you do not work out.

We are having more than 150+ Gyms, Fitness centers, Dance and Yoga classes in 5 cities, and increasing rapidly. Workout or enjoy a session at any of our partner gyms, Fitness centers, Dance, and yoga classes without buying a membership.

You do not have to buy any membership or subscription to go workout, just book session according to you and pay on for the session. Why pay for days you are not even working out.

Also, our Lucrative Offers make it easier for many anyone who can not afford subscription plans which in general are Expensive.

Pay Per Session

For Everyone and Everywhere!!!!!!

Working Professionals
Working Professionals

Get a fit life with your busy schedule. Walk in and enjoy being fit at your comfort

Dumbell Muscle Fit

Healthy mind resides in Healthy body. Working out on body helps you in Brainstorming as well

Stretches & Crunches
Business Persons

Save money on all your gym session and choose when to go according to your team and your cities you travel

Stretches & Crunches
Home Makers

Take out sometime for yourself and meet fit you. Browse from many gyms and fitness centers around you

Our Features

No memberships

Why buy a membership and bound yourself to workout at just one Fitness Center when you can work-out where ever you want & try what fits best for you. Aurozen lets you access more than 150+ gyms in 5 cities without any membership or other subscriptions.

Lowest cost possible

Working out is already a heavy task and when it becomes expensive it becomes heaviest.Choose between gyms that are within your budget and pocket friendly. Find gyms and fitness centers around you starting at Rs.10.

Best offers

The more you sweat more you save. At Aurozen you get to work-out at gyms with great fitness trainers and pay less as you visit more. Our always available offers make it easier for you to go to gyms with huge smiles.

Widest range of Fitness Centers & Gyms

Now you would not have to cancel your gym plans due to official tours. With our extending presence in 5 cities and increasing continuously you can continue with your workout routine in any of our partner Fitness
centers & Gyms.


Explore a huge range of exercises from Kettle-ball, Heavyweight, HIIT, and
Cardio to yoga and Pilates around you.

Enjoy your daily or weekly routine with huge discounts and offers.

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Own or Run a gym/Fitness center/ Health Club?

List your gym on Aurozen and get more fitness enthusiasts into your gym every day and increase your user base.

Drop your name and details to get a call from our representative.

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